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Meijer Simply Give Campaign
Triple Your Donation

The Christian Help Center has been blessed to be a part of the Meijer Simply Give program!

Your donation is 3 times more helpful from now through May 31.  
For each $1 donated, Meijer will donate $2.


Simply Give donations we receive will be taken to the Eastgate Meijer store on May 31 where Meijer will donate $2 for every $1 we give them.  

That means a $10 donation here turns into a $30 donation to the Christian Help Center!  

The Christian Help Center will use that amount to purchase food and baby supplies for our clients.


Not sure about donating online? 

You can go directly to the Eastgate Meijers and purchase a Simply Give donation card right at the checkout, and the donation card will go to the Christian Help Center.
If you purchase the card on May 31, your donation card will qualify for Meijer's Double Match.
Eastgate Meijers is located at 
888 Eastgate North Dr.

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