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Grace for Moms is a ministry of encouragement, support, and discipleship for mothers who desire to live Godly lives and raise their children in the ways of the lord.


What is Grace for Moms?

Grace for Moms is our newest outreach ministry at The Christian Help Center that is geared toward serving mothers and their children here in the community. Our hope is to grow and facilitate a strong network of Godly mothers to encourage, support and serve each other. Either married, single, seasoned or a new mother there are day to day challenges that moms go through in all stages of life. This ministry is for fellowship among mothers who need support from other local mothers in the community. Moms often focus on what their children need, but we would like to give them the opportunity to focus on the their own needs.

When Grace For Moms is being held their children can be cared for safely in our childcare room with our trained Grace for Kids staff member, giving mothers the personal time to focus on their ministries peacefully and uninterrupted. Dinner is also served for the mothers and their children during our events.

 “Come unto me, all you that work so hard with heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Grace for moms is about encouraging, supporting and discipling mothers into leading them to an abundant life in Jesus Christ. A place for connecting with each other, the bible and God all tied into a relaxing

atmosphere. This ministry is done through several group events and personal discipleships. Through the wisdom and grace of experienced Christian Mothers we can teach younger mothers important life skills, money management and priority lists. We can also guide them how to make the most of their mothering time, raising Godly children and how to accept God’s Grace. Being in this ministry requires commitment. Although each mother and family has their own needs and goals, they're all striving towards the mission of living a Godly life.

           “As iron sharpens iron, so one sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17:

Email us at for any questions or if you feel you might benefit from this ministry please fill out the application on our website

These events are possible through donations, if you would like to donate or sponsor a Mother attending our program and change her and her children's life, please follow this link

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