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Do you have a close circle of friends? Another mom you can call for advice? What if you need a last minute babysitter, do you have someone you can call? If you said no to any of those questions, we are happy to now offer Grace For Moms just for you.

What is Grace for Moms?

Grace for Moms is an outreach ministry of the Christian Help Center that is geared toward serving local mothers and their children. Our hope is to grow and facilitate a strong network of Godly mothers to encourage, support and serve each other. We do this through a number of group events and personal discipleship. Twice a month we hold events for spiritual growth and also to gain community friendship.

If you’re married, single, seasoned or a new Mother there are day to day challenges that us moms in all stages of life face. This is a group and place for fellowship among mothers who need ministry and support from other local mothers in the community. A place for connecting with each other, the bible and God all tied into a relaxing atmosphere. A place where Moms can grow in spirit and truth. Moms often focus on what our children need, but we would like to give you the opportunity to focus on YOUR needs. “Come unto me, all you that work so hard with heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 When Grace For Moms is being held your children can be cared for safely in our childcare room with our trained Grace for Kids staff member, giving you the personal time to focus on your ministries peacefully and uninterrupted.

Peace? Right, what’s that? Come sip an uninterrupted hot fancy cup of coffee and find out!

Call Rachel at (513)735-9400 and let her know this is something you need so you can attend the next event.

*Dinner is served during our "Prayer and Shares" and also our "Craft Nights."

These events are possible through donations, if you would like to donate or sponsor a Mother attending our program and change her life, please click here.

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