More than a Food Bank


We are so much more than a food bank and soup kitchen!  Per our mission ... we seek "to meet the immediate needs of people for the purpose of leading them to abundant life in Jesus Christ".   Food support is only a part of that.



We also are a church with service held on Tuesday and Thursday and Bible study on Sunday.

Infant and Babies

Many of the people we serve are young families and single mothers.  We stock diapers, baby wipes, formula, bottles and other items to help provide for the needs of their children. 


This service is extremely important because you cannot purchase these kinds of items with food stamps.


Personnel Stories

Carole is in her fifty's and works full time as a cashier and picks up 2 or 3 shifts a week as a server to provide for her family. 


Her family is very unique.  She has two teenage girls and a couple of boys around ten and twelve.  These aren't her children.  When the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all declined to care for the children, Carole, the great aunt took them in. 


We met Carole about a year and a half ago at our grace Christmas blessing.  She just couldn't afford anything for the kids.  We were happy to help and the kids had a good Christmas.  It doesn't stop there.


One of our servants who was carrying gifts that night decided to chat with Carole. When he heard the story, he was moved by God to keep in contact with her. 


Since that first meeting we have helped Carole get a new vehicle, helped her with day to day needs, tutored her nephew, taken the kids on numerous outings, made house repairs, mowed grass, sat at the hospital with them, met with doctors, teachers and counselors, and most importantly became like family. 


Carole and the kids are active in church and bible studies and have joy and peace in their lives. Everything begins at the help center with a bag of groceries, or some Christmas gifts, but our desire is for it to lead to a real faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is why we have the Christian help center .