Announcing ... Grace Cafe!

And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth .. John 1:14 Greetings and blessings from the Christian Help Center! For almost 20 years we have ministered to the hungry, homeless, and hopeless in our community. We are excited to announce the future of our mission! We want ALL people to know that we are much more than just your average food pantry and traditional soup kitchen! We exist to meet all types of immediate needs for the purpose of leading them to abundant life in Jesus Christ. The first step in this process is the re branding of our "soup kitchen" which will now be called Grace Cafe. We will s

The Good People at Lowes Home Improvement

The good people at Lowes Home Improvement donated time and materials to give the Christian Help Center in Batavia a much needed "facelift". Check out the great carpet job! THANK YOU Lowes Home Improvement!!!! And thanks to the CHC servants who helped with painting, inst...

Easter Message

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most significant event in human history. Without the resurrection there is simply no power behind our faith. The resurrection was absolute proof of Jesus claims and His teachings! We celebrate this glorious event officially once a year. I encourage you to live as the Scripture encourages: to live every day in "newness of life" we should live each day like resurrection Sunday!

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